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5 Things About Health and Hiccups

Generally hiccups are innocent annoyances that indicate you’ve either consumed food or drink too quickly. However, gastroenterologists describe the actual hiccup action as something much freakier—as the abrupt contraction of the diaphragm that snaps shut the vocal cords. Although it sounds far scarier than it actually is, a chronic case of the hiccups can be an indication of five fairly serious health issues…


1. Indication of Kidney Issues

According to research from the Mayo Clinic, a long-term case of the hiccups can indicate several metabolic issues—including kidney failure. As the kidneys lose function, oftentimes toxic waste products will build up inside the body, causing diaphragm discomfort and hiccups.

The Mayo Clinic research suggests that hiccups, specifically accompanied by pale skin, unquenchable thirst, and muscle spasms are often linked to kidney issues. For example, patients undergoing dialysis often experience hiccups pre-treatment.

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