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5 Facts and Symptoms of a Brain Aneurysm

Would you realize if you, or someone you loved, was suffering a brain aneurysm? According to data surveyed by the The Lisa Colagrossi Foundation (TLCF), likely not, after the survey results revealed that 93-percent of Americans admitted their knowledge about brain aneurysms ranged from limited to non-existent.

Scary stuff, however, here’s how  you can identify all the signs and symptoms of an aneurysm…

1. What’s a Brain Aneurysm?

The Langone Medical Center at New York University explains that a brain aneurysm results due to weakness in the wall of a blood vessel within the brain.

As the strength in the vessel’s wall deteriorates, blood flow pressure can cause a bulge and rupture that causes blood to flow out (or bleed) into the space and tissue around the brain.


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