2022 Home Trends You Should Know


  • Your home is a space that should feel true to your own personal style, but incorporating trends into your interiors can help it feel fresh and modern.
  • A few color trends that are increasing in popularity for interiors in 2022 are shades of brown and earth tones.
  • Some furniture trends to keep an eye out for in 2022 include curved furniture, sculptural pieces, and pedestals, among others.

Your home is where you spend the majority of your time so it’s important to make your environment one that you find relaxing and inspiring. When it comes to home decor, keeping up with trends can sometimes be overwhelming, but there are ways to incorporate trends in a subtle way to keep your home looking fresh and modern.

Whether you’re looking to fully renovate or if you’re simply hoping to make a few tweaks to your home this year, follow along as we roundup all the 2022 home trends that you should know.

Shades of Brown

Chocolate brown made a huge comeback in the world of fashion in 2021 and is here to stay in 2022, but we’ve also seen this trend trickle into home decor as well. Shades of brown, whether it be chocolate brown, warm camel, or rich walnut, can make any space look elevated and cozy.

Brown has the ability to make a space feel warm, earthy and calm, so this may be a trend you want to incorporate into your home this year. You could do this in big ways by investing in a brown furniture piece or painting your walls, or you could incorporate brown in small ways with accent pillows and coffee table decor.


Sculptural Furniture

Sculptural, contemporary furniture will be a huge trend this year and can be incorporated into your home in many different ways. Sculptural furniture pieces make a statement and can almost double as an art piece that draws attention.

Some easy ways to incorporate sculptural pieces is through your light fixtures and furniture. An interesting lamp with a contemporary twist or a bold coffee table with sculpted edges can really transform a space and add something unexpected that draws the eye.


Earth Tones

Soft earth tones are a major color trend for 2022 and can bring a feeling of peace and serenity to a space. Calming sage, soft gray and warm browns are nature-inspired colors that bring the feeling of being outdoors into your home in a subtle way.

Earth tones are quite easy to incorporate into your home to make it feel fresh for 2022. You could add a neutral brown rug or a few sage green accent pillows to your couch to incorporate this trend.


Plush Textures

If adding color into a space isn’t your thing, an easy way to add dimension and character to your home is through texture. Plush textures, such as sherpa and bouclé, have been a major trend in the home decor space and will continue to be popular in 2022.

You could incorporate plush textures into your space by adding a cozy sherpa accent chair, or simply adding a few throws on your couch that have an interesting furry texture.

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Curved Furniture

Curved furniture is having a major moment in 2022. In the past, we’ve typically seen contemporary design that consists of many straight, sleek lines, for a more streamlined look. For 2022, however, there is a major rise in furniture with rounded edges and soft curves.

Curves will be seen in many pieces of furniture in 2022, such as sofas, light fixtures and coffee tables, but will also be seen in architecture. Arched doorways and built-ins are rising in popularity and will be a major interior trend this year.


Venetian Plaster/Limewash

Textured walls are a popular home trend in 2022 and are a great way to add dimension to any room or surface. Venetian plaster and limewash are two ways to add texture to your walls and can be done on entire rooms or accent walls.

A popular method to incorporate venetian plaster is through accenting certain elements of your home, such as on a fireplace or in a powder room. Plaster adds depth, dimension and warmth to a room while also adding a natural, organic touch.


Organic Textures

The rise of Wabi Sabi design has seen a huge increase in the use of organic, natural textures in interiors. Clay pots, antique benches, jute rugs and natural stone textures bring elements of the earth into a space which can mimic the calm, healing ambiance of being outdoors.

Organic modern, in particular, is an interesting take on this trend which incorporates natural, raw textures with more modern, sleek elements which contrast together well for a both refined and natural interior.


Exaggerated Proportions

Large-scale decor and playing with scale is increasing in popularity in 2022 and can be executed in several ways. One popular way to test this exaggerated proportions trend is through plants and vase fillers. A dramatic entryway moment with oversized greenery or florals can definitely make major impact.

Another great way to play with scale and exaggerated proportions is through statement lighting, oversized decor pieces or impactful art. You could also play with scale in some of your hard finishes such as hardware or tile.



When it comes to furniture, pedestals are rising in popularity in 2022. Pedestals are a versatile piece of furniture that can fit in many different spaces and work well in corners or small walls that can be difficult to style.

We love the look of a dramatic vase with greenery or an interesting sculpture on display on a pedestal. This design trend can really give your space an elevated, upscale feel with minimal effort involved.


Moody Kitchens

White kitchens have been extremely popular for several years now, however, we’ve noticed a resurgence of moody, darker kitchens in 2022. From rich wood tones to midnight navy blues and even inky black, darker kitchens can certainly make a dramatic and sophisticated impact and are worth a second thought if you plan to remodel your kitchen this year.

If you’re not willing to fully part with the idea of a bright and white kitchen just yet, you could consider incorporating some moodier elements by adding a contrasting dark island, backsplash or countertop.

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Mixing Old with New

While investing in new furniture is always exciting, it’s not always realistic for every budget and lifestyle. Luckily, a major trend we’ve seen in 2022 is the mixing of old and new. Combining vintage pieces with modern design can add a cozy, lived-in element to space.

If you’re interested in antiques, vintage shopping can be a great way to track down unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story and add an element of warmth and tradition to a space.


Trends vs. Timeless

Ultimately, your home should be a space that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace. Trends are always interesting and fun to follow, but they aren’t everything, and it’s important to make your home a space that feels true to your personal style.

If you do want to follow the trends, don’t feel pressure to completely reinvent your entire space. It’s easier than you’d think to simply add in a few trendy accent pieces that can really uplift your space and make it feel fresh.


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