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2014 Flu Shot Facts

‘Tis the season for fevers, muscles aches, and fatigue. The flu is rampant this time of year and by the end of the season, hundreds of thousands of people will have been hospitalized because of it. The CDC claims the best prevention is getting the flu shot. With a quick search online, you’ll find endless arguments about why you should or shouldn’t get the flu vaccine. Unfortunately, you’ll also find a lot of information that has caused myths and misconceptions about what the flu shot is, how and why it protects you, potential side effects, and who’s encouraged to get it.

On top of some of the most common symptoms like fatigue and fever, the flu can be quite dangerous to your health. Knowing the facts can help you make an informed decision, so check out these 2014 flu shot facts.

1. You Can’t Get the Flu From the Flu Shot

One of the most common myths about the flu shot is that you can get the flu from it, but it’s outright impossible for that to happen. The misconception stems from the fact that the flu shot contains killed flu viruses. The fact that there’s technically the virus – but inactivated – in the vaccine is what people latch on to. But the viruses in it are dead, so there isn’t any way for it to give you the flu. There are some nasal sprays that contain weakened flu viruses, but again, you can’t get the flu from it – the virus in the spray could only infect your nose, nowhere else.

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