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12 Winter Skin Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now

The long winter months bring a few significant challenges to our health, starting with head colds and influenza, both of which tend to spread faster as people head inside to avoid the frigid weather.

But these are hardly the only health challenges presented by Old Man Winter. Because we tend to spend more time indoors during the colder months, we’re exposed to a lot of recycled, dry air. Additionally, the lack of precipitation during the winter months can result in lower humidity. The combined result is a general dryness that can result in a variety of irritating, even painful conditions, from sore throat to dry cough and, perhaps most visibly, dry, peeling skin. The good news is that there are a few relatively simple steps you can take to help rehydrate your skin and keep it looking and feeling healthy.

1. Use the Wrong Product

When dry skin becomes a problem, many people reach for the nearest moisturizer. But not all moisturizers are created equally; beyond that, many moisturizers are made for specific purposes, such as re-hydrating the hands, legs, face.

To bring moisture back to the skin during the driest periods of the winter, try a thicker moisturizer — something closer to a cream than a lotion. Generally speaking, the thicker and denser the moisturizer, the better suited it will be to restoring hydration to your skin. Thinner moisturizers, like lotions, are meant to provide a thin coating of protection and are often meant for larger surfaces — think of spreading sunscreen all over your legs, back, and chest during a sunny summer day.

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