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Some Tips for Managing During a Heatwave

Each summer it feels like the days get hotter and hotter. Where we once experienced heatwaves that lasted a few days or perhaps a week, North Americans now seem to feel the brunt of entire season of remarkably warm weather. For those of us who love the heat and make the most of it by heading to the pool or beach, it’s great. But for everyone else, it can present some significant problems and not just in terms of comfort — in some cases, a prolonged heatwave can be very dangerous from a health perspective.

So, what can you do to keep as cool as possible as the temperature steadily rises in your community? There are a number of simple steps you can take to help keep yourself and your family safe during the year’s hottest days.

1. Keep an Eye on Weather Reports

One of the most important steps you can take to keep your family safe during the hot summer months is to simply stay informed when it comes to the weather. That means watching or listening to the local news on the television or radio or checking in using websites or smartphone applications. For the most reliable weather forecasts, check out the National Weather Service reports or listen to NOAA Weather Radio.

The advantage of knowing what’s coming is pretty straightforward: you can plan to keep inside at a cool place on those days when the weather will be most fiercely hot. And when the weather isn’t so harsh, you can plan to do things outside with family and friends, like hitting the golf links, playing some tennis, or relaxing by the pool.

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