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Everything You Should Know About Gallbladder Removal Surgery

Your gallbladder is a little pouch behind your liver that has a not-so-little job – it stores the bile (and other fluids) that is delivered into the small intestine to help break down fats.

However, there are cases where the gallbladder can become inflamed and cause you more harm than good, and that’s when doctors will recommend it come out. Here are 12 things you should know about the procedure and what to expect afterwards…

1. Function of the Gallbladder

Healthline.com says although the gallbladder is not essential to live, it does perform a rather important function. The tiny digestive organ sits alongside your liver, connected to it via the “common bile duct,” it notes.

“This duct transports bile from the liver through the hepatic ducts, into the gallbladder, and into the duodenum – the first part of your small intestine,” it adds. In short, your gallbladder is a storage facility for bile, and without it, it’s a bit more difficult for your body to break down fatty or high-fiber foods, notes the source.

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