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12 Steps to Getting Real Emotional Honesty

Although it is a struggle to stick to it, many of us have been successful at making exercise a priority.  From walking more to joining the neighbourhood gym, we understand the benefits of physical fitness and do what we can to make it a priority.  In fact, there are many that dedicate hours to building up their cardiorespiratory and muscular strength while attending to a healthy diet, but what about emotional honesty?  

Emotional honesty can be defined as the ability to communicate our feelings and needs in an honest and respectful way.  It means we are aware of our feelings and take the time to experience them instead of masking them with alcohol, drugs, food, and the like.  While it isn’t sexy or even comfortable at times to focus on emotional honesty, it does lead to some pretty amazing results in most areas of our lives.  So if emotional honesty and living an authentic life is on the “to do” list this year, the following twelve points may help pave the way…

1. Promotes Authenticity

Harder than lifting double our body weight over our heads, being emotionally honest is one of the most challenging things we can do.  Who wants to admit they hate their job or are unhappy with their spouse? Who wants to feel anything other than the happiness and joy?

Unfortunately, we can’t ignore our negative feelings; they will bubble up at some point, be it tomorrow or years from now, in the form of chronic anger, stress, depression, and the like.  By taking an emotional inventory, we are moving towards living an authentic life and promoting a deeper sense of intimacy with the important people around us.


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