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12 Signs to Help Identify and Avoid Burnout

Unfortunately, it has become the norm to be chronically stressed out; sleep deprived, and in constant need of a holiday.  We experience stress when we don’t have the appropriate resources to deal with the demands placed upon us, and if left unchecked, can turn into something more sinister. Burnout is a more serious situation that tends to creep up without our awareness that it’s happening.

Those who have a strong drive for success, a passion for their work, or set perfectionist standards for themselves are the most susceptible and hardest hit.  Couple that with a lack of attention to self-care and we can soon find ourselves without the energy or interest to keep up the pace.  If left unchecked, burnout can become a serious mental health issue that may lead to feelings of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts. The following are twelve signs of burnout that may help identify the our potential for burnout and make the necessary changes to avoid it altogether…


1. A Drive for Success

It usually starts with a passion to help others or the drive to excel in a chosen career but, make no mistake, working long hours and taking on heavy workloads will eventually make us sick.  It’s common to see a higher rate of burnout in the helping professions like nursing or social work. Unfortunately, the passion to make a difference and help those in need overrides the need for self-care that leads the helper in need of help.  

It is important to understand that we are more susceptible to burnout when we are driven in our work. They key to avoiding burnout is to develop a self-care action plan that includes scheduled time for rest and re-creation.  This may be as simple as a long bath or could be a weekend away, but no matter how; taking regular breaks in our schedule to take care of ourselves is the number one prevention tool for burnout.


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