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12 Reasons to Drink Water and Stay Hydrated Every Day

You’ve probably been told by someone — maybe a television show, website, or even a medical professional — that you should be drinking a lot of water each day. Some experts suggest individuals consume about two to three liters of water every day, which is roughly eight or nine glasses.

But, why, exactly, is it so important to drink that much water? What benefit can it provide to drink so much water instead of other types of beverages, like coffee, tea, soda, or juice? Let’s take a closer look at the importance of drinking a substantive amount of water each and every day.

1. Fuel Up

We often reach for something caffeinated — like coffee, tea, or an energy drink of some kind — when we need a boost of energy, but the truth is that keeping hydrated with water can often be all we need to fuel up.

That’s because water plays an important role in fueling our muscles, giving them the hydration they need to perform in an optimal fashion during physical exercise. Ever been working out or playing a sport and experienced a painful or uncomfortable cramp? Chances are you didn’t drink enough water that day. Additionally, staying hydrated can help you avoid painful muscle tears and pulls.

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