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12 Cold, Hard Facts on Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, as it’s called, actually has nothing to do with the temperature. It causes pain for many people, which can be prolonged – in fact, one patient in Reader’s Digest Best Health likens it to “a lightning bolt zapping me for 20 seconds.”

The pain can shoot from the shoulder down the arm, making it especially alarming. As the name of the condition suggests, it can also limit range of movement. Let’s take a closer look at 12 facts about frozen shoulder…

1. What Exactly is Frozen Shoulder?

Also referred to as adhesive capsulitis in the medical world, this is caused by connective tissues around the shoulder joint becoming inflamed, leading to pain and stiffness, notes Best Health.

The condition also results in scar tissue forming inside the shoulder capsule, where it presumably gets its medical terminology. The condition affects about 3 to 5-percent of the population, adds the source.

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