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10 Ways to Treat Asthma

Asthma is one of the most frustrating and dangerous respiratory conditions. Typically, it involves spasms of the lungs’ bronchi, making it difficult to breathe. Asthma is a long-term lung disease that inflames the airways and can cause persistent wheezing. In essence, those dealing with asthma rarely feel like they’re getting the most out of their lungs.

That can leave an asthma patient unable to participate in their favorite physical activities, from playing sports to simply walking around the neighborhood. Not only can this be aggravating, it can leave one feeling isolated because they can’t join their friends and family in common social activities. The good news is that there are a number of ways to treat asthma…

1. Inhalation Corticosteroids

These cortisone-like medicines are frequently prescribed by doctors to people struggling with asthma. If they’re used properly, they can significantly reduce the intensity of asthma symptoms, including difficulty breathing and coughing. They’re also designed to help reduce the number and severity of asthma attacks, which can be very dangerous.

Of course, inhalation corticosteroids are hardly perfect. According to the Mayo Clinic, corticosteroids won’t stop an asthma attack that has already started – meaning they’re not a great emergency tool. Also, they won’t have a significant impact on asthma symptoms if the patient fails to use them regularly—which in most cases will mean every day (or even several times each day). That can make them problematic for children and people with memory difficulties.

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