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10 Treatment Options For Tendonitis Sufferers

2. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help increase the range-of-motion, and reduce pain and inflammation affecting the tendon. Closely monitored physical therapy exercises can also strengthen the attaching muscle to provide better protection against greater tendon damage, as well as decrease the chance of it reoccurring. Stretching and strengthening exercises in the muscles around the affected area have been known to help relieve tendonitis symptoms. Physical therapy is a popular course of treatment because of how effective and preventative it can be.

Your physical therapist might do an ultrasound of the area they suspect to be inflamed and painful due to tendonitis. This test allows them to confirm the issue and look for other common problems like bursitis. Once there is a confirmed diagnosis, the physiotherapist will create a treatment plan to fix the affected tendon. Physiotherapy often integrates massage into the treatment plan, along with exercises and stretches. And some physiotherapists may also use laser or ultrasound therapy.

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