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8 Tips to Help You Live in the Now

Earlier today, I was chatting to my friend Kate about the benefits of living life at a slower pace and she made a great point, “Nothing is under control so you might as well learn to love now!” I know, that Kate is a smart cookie (and easy on the eyes, to boot)!

We’re all familiar with the clichés—stop and smell the roses, live in the now, don’t let the present get away from you, we’re here for a good time not a long time…Well, it turns out that learning to slow down and appreciate the things and people in our lives now may actually impact our overall happiness more than we realize. According to one study from Rutgers University, acknowledging the value and meaning of certain present life aspects—a best friend, a pet, a recent birthday celebration, your home, a day spent with the kids—and feeling positive emotional connections to these aspects actually doubles overall life satisfaction.

Who knew that learning to relish the present in these 8 ways could be so rewarding…

1. Take Stock

What are your small pleasures? Give it some thought and write out a list out your pleasures. Think basic—personally I’m thankful for going for runs after work, playing my ukulele, the safety of my cozy little house, coming home to my cat who’s always happy to see me. If you’re not sure where to start, look to animals for inspiration (i.e., a cat laying in a patch of sun or a rabbit munching on fresh clover).

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