10 Things Only People With Depression Can Truly Understand

Depression is a complex illness that affects more than your mental and emotional health–it can affect every other aspect of your life, physically, socially and professionally. Depression can impact anyone, and while it can be easy to see that someone is depressed, many hide it well. Put simply, though the disease is anything but, it’s exhausting, completely life-altering, and sometimes deadly.

For those with depression, starting each day can be a challenge and it can be difficult to accept support from loved ones and health professionals. This list of ten things only people with depression can truly understand can better equip you to support others with the disease. And if you have depression, hopefully you’ll see that you aren’t alone.

1. Normal Tasks Take Longer

We all have routines and responsibilities–work, family, chores and commitments, among other things. And taking care of these responsibilities can be extremely challenging if you have depression. Everything seems to take more energy and require more time to complete. Simple, mundane tasks become difficult and overwhelming, adding more stress and anxiety when they take long to finish.

Many people who are diagnosed with depression say that it becomes hard to concentrate on what you need to do and the inability to complete things makes you feel abnormal. For many people who are depressed, it often gets to the point that you completely stop or avoid some every day tasks and responsibilities.

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