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Surprising Signs & Symptoms of Stress

Stress can impact a person in many different ways not just mentally, but also physically. It can have a significant negative effect on your body and mind which then trickles down into your relationships, happiness, work, as well as overall health and well-being. While a little bit of stress can be healthy–it can safely push you to put in more effort in both your personal and professional life without any severe problems–being stressed out all the time or in huge bouts on a regular basis, is detrimental to your health.

There are some common emotional and mental symptoms of stress, like panic attacks and headaches, but also a lot of uncommon symptoms that you might be experiencing and aren’t even aware that they are related to stress. Be on the lookout for these 15 surprising signs and symptoms of stress…

1. Bizarre and Recurring Dreams

Vivid and bizarre dreams, or even experiencing the same dreams night after night is a possible sign of stress. Whether you enjoy or easily tolerate weird dreams, it’s important to examine any of the potential reasons behind them.

Recurring dreams can take a toll on you mentally–especially if they’re upsetting–but even if they aren’t. Bizarre dreams can make you feel tired and on edge, which ultimately impact other areas of your life, like work and family. If you’ve started dreaming a lot, and if they’re bizarre and/or recurring dreams, take stock of any life changes or added stress to see if there’s a trigger.

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