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10 Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

Snow is great—if you’re a snowman! But then again snowmen don’t have to shovel when Jack Frost and Mother Nature conspire to drop a big heavy drift of snow on your driveway. How you tackle that mound of winter may leave you with a lengthy injury, severe muscle strain, frostbite, or a heart attack.

That’s why we’re giving you the cold scoop on snow shoveling safety…

1. Prevent a Back Injury

Shovelling a driveway full of wet, heavy snow is extremely physically demanding, particularly if you’re not regularly active as it is. That’s why it’s vital to approach the chore of shoveling yourself out as a workout or a strenuous work task. Shoveling can be hazardous and those with bad backs risk strains, pulls, and misalignments, so do yourself a favor and take it slow, ask for assistance, invest in a snow blower, or wear a back brace and take frequent breaks if you have a history of back issues.

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