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10 Protective Natural Sunscreens

Many of us shun store-bought sunscreens due to harmful ingredients, like PABA, within that can harm our health. However, the good news is that there are natural and safe alternatives to protect you from the sun—without the toxic ingredients.

The following ten natural oils offer effective sun protection with natural occurring SPF (which indicates the sun protection factor) to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Many of these natural sunscreens also tout additional benefits, including moisturizing and the ability to healing scarred skin.

Here are 10 natural oils that can protect the skin from sun damage—and more…

1. Avocado Oil

With an SPF of 15, avocado oil offers mild sun protection thanks to its bounty of mono-saturated fats, which, when applied topically, actually form a protective layer over the skin to reduce UV ray absorption.

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