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10 Popular Alternative Practitioners

These days, it’s common to see alternative practitioners work in combination with medical doctors to treat certain ailments. Many family physicians recommend an approach to illness and injuries based on scientific evidence, but many alternative practitioners base their practice and healing on the health of the whole body–everything that contributes to your overall health, not just the current problem. For some people, alternative practitioners have been successful at reducing pain and symptoms stemming from all kinds of conditions, including injuries, stress, and chronic pain when it comes to coping and dealing with symptoms of serious conditions. People seem to turn to holistic and natural approaches when nothing else works, yet so many people see positive results from them. So if you’re considering trying a new approach to your health, check out what these ten popular alternative practitioners can offer…

1. Osteopath

Osteopathy treats and strengthens the whole body, not just injuries, illnesses, and diseases. This approach is taken because many medical problems don’t just affect the hurt or sick part of the body, so osteopaths aim to heal and restore balance throughout the entire body. The practice is based around the idea that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, and by targeting various areas it encourages and allows the self-healing process to begin. Osteopathic doctors undergo significant training to build the necessary skill to both feel and sense differences in the body that signify imbalance.

It’s a very interesting form of alternative medicine because of the way an osteopath can identify areas that aren’t functioning the way they should, disrupted organs that are affecting your overall health, and finding injuries or previously injured areas– all of which can be done without the use of standard medical tests like x-rays and ultrasounds. Though not invasive, they use their hands and fingers to find problems and exert light pressure and precise positioning in areas that need work. Even after just one session, it’s common to feel relaxed or at peace.

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