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10 Little Known Facts About Yawning

Have you ever wondered why you can’t resist a yawn when you see someone else yawn first?  Have you ever pondered what causes the reaction or how many times the average person yawns in a day?

Well I sure have!

That’s why I’m discovering the myth and fact behind several yawning conundrums (thanks to valued help and insight from the experts). Here are ten little known facts about yawning…

1. What Causes Us to Yawn?

Of all the mind-blowing studies out there in the world, yawning is one phenomenon, yes I said phenomenon, that perpetually baffles scientists so much so that they have no concrete explanation for why we yawn. Some science textbooks claim low oxygen levels in the blood prompt a yawn—while studies have been conducted behind the theory that yawning regulates brain temperature to no avail. There is even a theory that yawning stretches out the lungs and surrounding tissues, preventing breathing airways from collapsing. Nah, that hasn’t been proven either.

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