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10 Foods That Are Destroying Your Libido

A bout of lowered sex drive happens to us all…every now and again. However, if “I’m not in the mood, honey” is your constant response night after night, week after week, believe me when I say you should be concerned with more than the frustrations of your partner or spouse.

Look first to your diet for the major culprit behind your decreased sex drive.  What you’re putting in your mouth throughout the day can virtually drain your libido. Why?

Because diet directly impacts your hormone levels, particularly your testosterone, the hormone that puts the mojo in your moves, the funky in your monkey, and the tang in your…well, you get the picture. The food you eat directly influences sexual desire and helps puts you in the mood for love (cue the Barry White).

Now, before you get to frisky, let’s take a look at the ten major libido killers that may be squashing your sex drive…

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