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10 Dreamy Benefits of Power Naps

More and more studies have shown that power naps have many health benefits for adults. That’s right, naps aren’t just for kids and they aren’t a sign of laziness. In fact, people who take power naps have experienced everything from improved memory and reduced stress to even lower blood pressure. While there are some cons to napping the potential pros make it worth trying out, as long as it’s done right. People with hectic and stressful lifestyles often benefit from napping, but it ‘s not just for crazy lifestyles. So whether you sleep well and for the recommended eight hours each night, feel burnt out, or if you wonder how and where in your schedule you’re supposed to fit sleep in, here are ten dreamy benefits of power naps that could change your life…

1. Energy Boost

Natural energy boosts can be hard to come by and caffeine is a popular remedy when people feel they’re fading during the day. But a power nap is the perfect, natural way to give your body and mind the boost you need. A short nap gives your body and mind a break, allowing you to feel energized when you wake up. When you wake up, the sleep cycle you should have been in provides rejuvenation, fueling your body with energy.

Power naps can provide give you that kickstart of energy, especially when you take a shorter nap—the less time you nap, the less likely you’ll fall into a deep sleep, making you groggy and taking away from the potential to boost your energy. There’s a bit of disagreement among experts about the perfect amount of time to grab that extra shut eye, but most fall in the range of 10 to 30 minutes. So pay attention to your body, specifically how you adjust and react to different lengths of time. Once you find what’s right for you, stick to it.

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