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10 Common Symptoms of Herpes

Even though sexually transmitted diseases are a taboo topic, herpes simplex virus (HSV) affects approximately one in five (or 50-million) Americans. This sexually transmitted viral infection is highly contagious, spreading via vaginal or anal intercourse, and through oral sex.

There are 2 distinct types of herpes—HSV1 is an orofacial disease, meaning it infects the mouth and surrounding area; while HSV2 affects individuals below the waist, particularly the moist areas of the genitals and buttocks.  Once infected with HSV the patient will have the disease for life. The infection will remain dormant in the body with flare-ups occurring a few times per year. However, medical attention is vital to prevent further health complications.

Here are ten common symptoms to help you recognize if you’ve been infected with herpes simplex virus…

1. Tingling Sensation

After becoming infected with the herpes simplex virus (either HSV1 or HSV2), you may experience a tingling sensation in the affected areas—for instance, around the mouth, gums, genitals or rectal areas).

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