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10 Best Treatments For Sunburns

No matter how much we warn you against the damaging effects of UV sun exposure, you’ll still probably get at least one sunburn this summer.

However, too much sun exposure can cause serious damage to your skin, leaving it dehydrated, wrinkly, aged, and even causing skin cancer. So despite the fact that we know you’ll do your best to protect your skin from sun damage by using a sunscreen with a high SPF—if you do end up with a pain, inflamed, itchy, blistering, flaky sunburn—you can find some relief with these ten soothing treatments…

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the bomb when it comes to soothing irritated, inflamed skin. It works wonders as a cool compress by wrapping a 1/2 cup of dry oatmeal in gauze, running it under cool water, and applying it directly to your sunburn every few hours.

2. Cold Compress

You know a nice cool shower of bath will cool a fiery sunburn, but lying in cold water might be a bit chilly after a while. Instead, you can apply a cold cloth or a few ice cubes wrapped in a towel directly to the burn.

3. Yogurt

The natural cultures in yogurt can work wonders on dry skin so it makes perfect sense that they would also work magic on a stubborn sunburn. Use yogurt as a topical cream and slather it over sunburned areas, leaving it for 5-minutes, then rinse off under a cool shower.

4. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a beneficial natural astringent with anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it also soothes painful acne and razor burn.  For a sunburn, apply a few drops on a moist cloth or cotton swab and dab directly onto skin.

5. Baking Soda

A bit of baking soda in a cool or lukewarm bath will temporarily provide relief to sun burn pain. Just remember to let your skin air dry out of the bath so the baking soda really soaks in and soothes the pain.

6. Hydrocortisone

An over-the-counter hydrocortisone topical cream, spray, or ointment can soothe inflamed and painful sunburns. Just be sure to look for a topical solution with at least 1-percent hydrocortisone listed in the ingredients.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

It might sound like it would sting, but apple cider vinegar will actually provide the relief you need from sunburn. Just add a cup to your bath water or apply it like an astringent with a cotton swab.

8. Tea Bags

It doesn’t matter what kind you use—black tea, white tea, or green tea—the quick relief for sunburned eyelids a cool tea bag applied to each swollen eye. The tannic acid within will ease swelling and reduce pain.

9. Aloe Vera

Slathering on Aloe Vera gel will provide a cool, refreshing blast of relief to sun burnt skin. Pure Aloe Vera right from the plant leaf will also encourage the healing process.

10. Drink Water

It might sound too simple to be effective, but sun burnt skin is seriously dehydrated and the best cure for dehydration is H2O. Tip your glass to the tap and your elbow to your lips with a few glasses of cool water to counteract the sun’s scorching damage.


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