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10 Best Exercises For Pregnant Women

Exercise is wonderful for pregnant women. It reduces inflammation (I’m talking about those swollen ankles), improves sleep and digestion, reduces constipation and back pain, boosts energy and mood, helps relieve muscle pain, helps keep weight healthy, and gets the muscles limber for the stress of childbirth.

That’s why as little as 30-minutes a day of gentle exercise can be very beneficial for pregnant women and for baby too. The following types of exercise are perfectly safe and encouraged for pregnant women…

1. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most therapeutic and safe types of exercise for expectant moms. Why? Due to the reduced gravity affect of water, pregnant women can take advantage of buoyancy for cardiovascular exercise. So try some laps in the pool at your own pace, and enjoy the feeling of lightness in the water that will help you shed any extra pregnancy pounds.

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