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10 Astonishing Uses for Uncoated Aspirin

Sure, you already know that aspirin is a powerful anti-inflammatory. However, were you aware that this headache reliever has quite a few reported other uses in its bag of tricks? While many of them are non-medical, I was surprised to learn that uncoated aspirin is being used to soothe, fix, and repair almost everything—from patching drywall to zapping soap scum around the bathtub.

Here are ten astonishing uses for uncoated aspirin…

1. Zap Zits

Did you know that the salicylic acid in Aspirin clears the pores? That’s why a crushed tablet in water can banish acne inflammation and even clear pores of pus and infection in a matter of minutes.  Simply make a paste with a bit of water and smear it over your blemish, letting sit for few minutes before you wash it off with clean warm water.

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