Stevia: Is it the Best Sugar Substitute?

Put down that candy and listen up as Tyler from ActiveBeat examines the popular sugar substitute, stevia. Tyler will run you through the pros and cons of the highly refined, plant-based, food additive that’s been used as a source of sweet stuff for more than 1500 years in South America. Stevia is recently gaining a lot of attention for its ability to replicate the effects of sugar in taste as it’s 200 times sweeter than regular sugar at zero calories (or food energy). Understandably, stevia is often used as a weight loss aid, replacing high sources of food energy, like high fructose corn syrup and refined white sugar. If you suffer from diabetes, using artificial sweeteners, like stevia, can help limit your sugar intake. Also, stevia is considered a tooth-friendly sweetener because it prevents tooth decay and it’s scientifically safer than aspartame and sucralose.

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