The Top 12 Things You Don’t Know About All-Inclusive Cruises

All-inclusive cruises are wonderful in most regards. The only drawback is they aren’t really all-inclusive. While most food, entertainment, and accommodations are included, today’s cruise lines are offering extra amenities that cost extra. Let’s look at the top things you didn’t know about all-inclusive cruises.

12. Room Service

If you’re looking to indulge in some room service during your cruise, be aware that this may come at an extra cost. Some cruise lines may offer breakfast room service for free, but typically anything beyond that may be an extra cost or simply a “delivery” fee.

11. WiFi

If you’re needing to work during your cruise, or are looking to stay connected on social media, be aware that wifi may be at an additional cost. WiFi is not normally included in cruise fare, but it is available to buy by the megabyte or minute.

7. Child Care

While many activities are free for kids, such as water slides, game rooms, basketball courts, miniature golf, play areas, computer labs and video games, fees are charged for babysitting and some night time programs. You might consider that free activities compensate for the charges to have special attention paid to your child(ren).

6. Tours

Shore excursions booked through the cruise line are more expensive than those booked privately. Many cruisers worry that if they book excursions on their own,they lose the guarantee that the cruise line offers for returning to the ship on time. Some private booking companies will make the same guarantee.

5. Tipping

Most cruise ships bill cruisers for tips — to be shared among service personnel — which is a set amount per person per day. If, however, he/she has offered extraordinary service, you may want to include something extra. Service personnel depend mainly on tips to supplement their salaries.

4. Spas

Watch out for sales pitches at spas and salons. A one-hour, full-body massage may be a 30-minute actual massage with the other 30 minutes devoted to pushing expensive products. Just having a simple nail repaired or getting a full manicure is much more expensive than off-ship shops.

3. Activities

While some onboard activities are free, such as board games, shows, lectures, live music and cooking demonstrations, other activities, like rock climbing, fitness classes and wine tasting, have hefty fees attached. Once again, be mindful of your budget.

2. Laundry

If you absolutely need laundry or dry-cleaning service, you will pay land-based prices or greater. Some ships have an on-board facility where you can launder your own clothes. You can save money further by bringing your own laundry supplies and using the bathroom sink for small necessary items.

1. Fuel Supplement Charges

While some cruise lines attach a fuel supplement charge, others do not directly charge it; instead, a clause in the contract may state that they may add the charge if the price of oil rises above a certain marker.


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