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Signs That Your Dog May Have Fleas

It’s something that every pet owner dreads. That tell-tale scratching from your pooch that might mean your beloved pet has somehow gotten fleas. They are tiny, annoying, and hard to spot — plus they can be dangerous to your dog if left untreated.

The good news is that fleas can be easy to detect, if you know what to look for. They are also easy to treat with a variety of medications or external sprays/shampoos. This article will give you a bunch of tips on how to check your dog for fleas, and a few options for getting rid of the problem if your unlucky pet does end up infested.

1. Small Bite Marks

Let’s start with the obvious. Fleas are tiny parasites that literally feed on your dog. That means they leave very obvious bite marks, but only if you’re looking closely. To spot them, you must spread apart their fur (which is trickier on dogs with longer hair), and check for small red bite marks. The most common place to find them is around their neck, although they could be in many other well hidden places, like between their toes!

You should also check your own skin since fleas are more than happy to bite humans too. If you do find fleas on your dog, you should disinfect anything they come in close contact with. This includes their bed or any furniture they are allowed to sleep or sit on.

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