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Eye Infection in Dogs: 12 Symptoms and Treatments

Dogs are particularly prone to four types of eye infections. The first and most common type is conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye or red eye. Alternately, your dog may develop corneal inflammation. Third, uveitis is a type of eye infection that affects the iris and surrounding tissues. Finally, tear gland and eyelid injuries or abnormalities can cause infections.

It is important to note that many unrelated conditions, including glaucoma, poisoning, tumors, and vitamin deficiencies, can trigger symptoms similar to those produced by these four types of canine eye infections. For this reason, you should always consult a vet to make sure you get an accurate diagnosis and form a treatment plan that will address the correct problem.

Symptoms of Eye Infection in Dogs

The symptoms of canine eye infections are usually quite apparent, and typically include (note: treatment options are listed after the 7 symptoms below):

Symptom: Redness and Inflammation

All four of the major types of canine eye infections cause redness and inflammation (swelling) of the affected eye. This will be one of the condition’s most obvious symptoms, and you’ll notice it easily when you compare the affected eye to its healthy counterpart.

As an important precautionary note: never attempt to treat your dog’s red eyes using over-the-counter eye drops formulated for humans, such as Visine or its generic counterparts. These can cause serious irritation and injuries.

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