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Ways to Prevent Dogs from Chewing When You’re Not Home

Whether you’re dealing with a teething puppy or an older dog that’s suffering from separation anxiety, your canine friend is capable of doing a lot of damage when it’s left home alone. Chewing is a natural but often destructive behavior for dogs, and if they’re ruining your rugs, furniture, or valuables, it’s definitely time to intervene.

In many cases, destructive chewing occurs in pets that are relative newcomers to a home. However, the behavior can manifest even in beloved pets who have been around long enough to know better. Here’s a primer on putting chewing to bed so you can leave your dog alone without worry.

1. Understand The Cause

Dogs chew for many different reasons. In puppies, it’s a way to deal with the pain and irritation that comes with teething. Juvenile dogs may have excess energy to release, and older dogs often chew out of pure boredom. In other cases, it’s a symptom of separation anxiety.

If you’re able to identify the root cause of your dog’s chewing behavior, it will give you a leg up in solving it. Knowing why your dog is chewing enables you to design a specific and targeted prevention strategy, and that will boost your chances of success.

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