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Concerning Dog Habits That Are Actually Very Normal

Dogs exhibit many behaviors that worry for their owners, but are actually very normal. If you’re a first-time dog owner, or if you’ve recently acquired a new pet that’s a different breed than you’ve owned in the past, you may notice some things that seem unusual. However, chances are these behaviors are perfectly ordinary, and are not indicative of any seriously problematic temperamental or health issues.

Also, keep in mind that every dog has its own individual personality, just as people do. Some of these behaviors are specific to individual dogs, and are not necessarily breed-related.

1. Chewing

It’s well-known that dogs love to chew on things like toys, bones, and even furniture (if you’re unlucky). You may become concerned if your dog seems to gnaw on things constantly or compulsively, but this is actually quite normal, especially for puppies. Young dogs develop sore gums when their teeth come in, and gnawing on whatever is available helps them relieve this discomfort. In other cases, chewing can be an expression of boredom, so if it seems like it’s getting out of control, try expanding your dog’s range of activities.

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