How to Get Affordable Dentures

People who suffer from persistent dental problems or who have missing teeth may consider getting dentures. While dentures are a great investment, they tend to come with a sizeable price tag. On average, a decent set of full dentures costs around $1,800. However, top-of-the-line dentures could cost as much as $8,000 when you factor in the expense of temporary dentures, tooth extractions, and other associated costs.

It is possible to make purchasing dentures more affordable. The trick is to consider all your options carefully.

Cheap vs. Affordable Dentures

When shopping for dentures, it is important not just to opt for the solution with the lowest price tag. Low-end dentures can cost as little as $300 per plate. Unfortunately, you get what you paid for.

Cheap dentures are typically made of plastic and other low-cost materials. This means they are likely to look more artificial and will wear out faster, leaving you with the cost of replacing them. The takeaway from this is to choose “affordable” rather than “cheap”.

Contact Your Local Health Department

There are federally funded healthcare programs running in every state. These programs help seniors and people who are low-income access treatment and preventative care.

Contact your local health department to find out about active healthcare programs in your city or state. If you are looking for affordable dentures, health department officials may be able to point you towards free or heavily discounted solutions.

Medicaid programs operate around the country and can sometimes help towards the cost of dentures. The rules regarding who can access Medicaid support and which treatments they will cover are different in every state. As such, it is best to seek advice from your local health department.

Check Out Dental School Clinics

According to the American Dental Association, there are currently 68 accredited dental training schools in the United States.

Dental schools are full of students who need to practice performing procedures like tooth extractions, fillings, and even fitting dentures. The treatment you receive from a dental school clinic can be as much as 50 percent cheaper than it would be with an accredited dentist.

Many people do not consider this option, as the idea of being treated by an unqualified dental student is understandably off-putting. However, the treatment you receive at a dental school clinic is likely to be extremely high-quality. All work carried out by dental students is supervised closely by experienced and fully accredited dentists, so you’re in safe hands.

Community Health Centers and Free Clinics

You may be able to obtain discounted or free dentures from a community health center or free dental clinic. While these public health facilities do charge for some treatments, they are typically far more affordable than private clinics because they are partially funded with taxpayer money.

The Bureau of Primary Health Care search function will help you find your nearest community health center or free clinic. Keep in mind that it is wise to phone ahead, as many do not offer dental care or accept walk-in appointments.

Community health centers vary in the way they charge for treatment. Priority is usually given to older adults, children, and those in the low-income bracket. Even if you are not considered high priority, you may be able to obtain dentures for up to 30 percent less than the usual cost.

Consider Charitable Organizations

If you are struggling to cover the cost of dentures, it may be possible to access free dental care through a healthcare charity. There are several charities around the United States which help seniors, veterans, and low-income adults obtain affordable dentures. These include:

  • Give Back a Smile: A network of volunteer cosmetic dentists who provide dentures, implants, and other cosmetic dentistry procedures to victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.
  • Dental Lifeline Network: A non-profit organization who provides free and affordable dental care to older adults, people with permanent disabilities, and those who are considered “medically fragile”.

Check out The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics to find out which dental care charities are operating in your area.

Use Dental Insurance

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans rely on dental insurance to significantly lower the cost of dentures. While using your existing insurance or taking out a new insurance policy may be an option for you, it is important to do your research.

Many insurance plans specify that they do not cover dentures or dental implants. Furthermore, new insurance policies may stipulate that they do not cover restorative care if the patient needed dentures before the plan was taken out.

Plan Ahead with Dental Saving Plans

Discount dental saving plans can help patients reduce the cost of any and all dental care procedures by as much as 60 percent. These saving plans can dramatically reduce the expense associated with getting dentures, providing you plan wisely and begin paying into it ahead of time.

As with all life’s major expenses, it is better to put a little aside every month to avoid being saddled with a massive bill at the point of purchase. If you’re going to save, signing up for a dental discount plan will make sure you get more for your money.


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