The Young And The Restless Couples That Fans Didn’t See Coming

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Fans of daytime drama all have their favorite shows and super couples, and sometimes the best soap opera love stories are the ones that are unexpected. Whether you are talking reunions, hookups, or relationships, below are 12 Young and the Restless (Y&R) couples that fans did not see coming.

12. Nikki Newman and Arturo Rosales

While Nikki is technically still with Victor, their ‘open’ relationship allows the mom and grandmother to have a little fun on the side. Raise your hand if you were shocked when it was revealed that Nikki was having an affair with 20-something building contractor Arturo Rosales? It was quite the surprising revelation. This brings May-December relationships to a whole new level.

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11. Chloe Mitchell and Kevin Fisher

They say friends make the best lovers, and Kevin and Chloe have proven this theory to be correct. The two started off as BFFs and would eventually move on to enjoy a pretty solid relationship. The most shocking part of this twosome is the fact that Kevin isn’t the type of guy Chloe usually falls for; however, he has proven to be the one with the most staying power.

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10. Chelsea Lawson and Billy Abbott

When Chelsea first entered Genoa City in 2011, it was with the intention of breaking apart Billy and Victoria’s relationship. She conned her way into a one-night stand with him and ended up having his baby. The two were mortal enemies for a while, which was shocking when they ended up getting together a few years later. They started off as friends; in fact, Chelsea was trying to help him win Vicky back. Then, what started off as a massage would eventually turn into a bedroom love session, and these two (shockingly) were together for months after that.

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9. Hilary Curtis and Devon Hamilton

Back in 2013 when Hilary first hit the Y&R scene, her main goal in life was to destroy the Winters and she worked very hard at this as an anonymous blogger who exposed certain things the family online. At first, she crushed on Cane, and then, when it was revealed that she was Rose Turner’s daughter, this softened up Neil to the point where he gave her a chance at love. Considering all she’s done to the Winters’ family, it’s shocking to say the least that Devon came around and started having feelings for her too, eventually destroying his dad’s marriage to her in the long run.

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8. Sofia Dupre and Neil Winters

Speaking of the Winters family, back in 2011, it seemed like as soon as Neil found out Sofia Dupre was married to his brother Malcolm, he began to show all kind of interest in the confident business executive. The two had an affair that resulted in baby Moses, and when all was said and done, Dupre only lasted about a year in Genoa City and was off to New York.

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7. Sharon McAvoy and Scott Grainger

When Scott Grainger first returned to town he seemed much more interested in Phyllis Summers and Abby Newman than Sharon. Surprisingly, time would wear on, the two would date, Scott would move into Sharon’s home, and Sharon and Scott would end up having quite the nice relationship. Unfortunately, he messed it all up when he had an affair with Abby, but that’s another story!

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6. Victoria Newman and J.T. Hellstrom

It’s not that surprising when soap opera super couples reunite, but it was certainly unexpected for these two. When J.T. strolled back into town late last year, Vicky was still pining over Billy and trying to win him back. Besides, it seemed like something was going to happen between Hellstrom and Abby Newman. Regardless, a fight one night would turn into a romp, and then J.T. would move into Vicky’s house rather quickly. Victoria and her kids, along with Reid, seemed to become an instant family overnight.

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5. Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter

Mariah and Tessa are a beloved couple on Y&R. Other than her mom Sharon, Mariah doesn’t have too many girlfriends in Genoa City. She can’t stand Hilary, and she and Abby Newman have never gotten along. Therefore, it was nice to see the bond she had with Tessa. What was even more interesting was the chemistry that developed between the two, which later led to their gorgeous wedding.

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4. Mariah Copeland and Devon Hamilton

Speaking of Mariah, her relationship with Devon was unexpected. The couple lacked chemistry, and even friendship doesn’t suit these two because of their conflicting personalities. Perhaps that’s why Mariah and Devon didn’t last long at all. They didn’t look good together, had no spark, and were never a good romantic pair.

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3. Sabrina and Victor Newman

Every daughter’s worst nightmare: your dad dating your best friend. Poor Victoria Newman. This exact thing occurred to her when her BFF Sabrina rolled into town in 2008. In mere months, and out of nowhere, Victor and Sabrina dated, got married and started a family. Sadly, that family never came to fruition as Sabrina died while pregnant after she was involved in a car accident.

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2. Phyllis Summers and Billy Abbott

Every Y&R fan could see the affair between Billy and Phyllis from a mile away; however, bona fide coupledom is not something most soap opera audiences would have guessed. Phyllis and Billy have a ton of chemistry in the bedroom, which is great for a relationship but is not the only thing that makes it all work. Their days could be numbered.

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1. Sharon Newman and Victor Newman

The era of Shictor still remains a low point on the Y&R to this day. No one expected that these two would hook up simply because they had spent years in a father-daughter type relationship. Shocking, disturbing, gross, and unexpected are all words that describe that year in 2012 when Sharon and Victor hooked up and got married not once but twice.

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