Soap Opera Couples Who Will Break Up In 2023

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Love makes the world go round in the land of daytime drama. While fans saw some incredible relationships blossom and thrive in 2022, not every super couple is bound to stay together forever. As such, we are taking a closer look at some relationships that will likely end in 2023.

12. Tessa And Mariah — Y&R

Mariah and Tessa have gone through a ton of obstacles during their time together. And as they embark on a journey to turn their pairing of two into a family of three (or more), they’ll probably hit more than a few bumps. Will “Teriah” be celebrating a new arrival this time next year or looking to file for separation? The latter is a reality this super couple could face.

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11. Kristen And Brady — DOOL

Their so-called relationship is currently hanging by a thread, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that Brady and Kristen will likely split in 2023. It would be a surprise if they made it past 2022, at this point! With the DOOL winter preview video indicating that Kristen’s orchid — the very thing she dangled in front of Brady to reunite with her — could be stolen, there’s a very good chance that Black will be gone (along with the flower).

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10. Nina And Sonny — GH

Nina and Sonny’s romance was an interesting plot twist during his time in Nixon Falls, but GH fans know all too well that Carly and Sonny only break up to make up. His heart will always belong to Carly. And it’s only a matter of time before something brings them back together.


9. Steffy and Finn B&B

Every great soap opera super couple suffers a period of time where they part ways, only to come back to each other. Steffy and Finn make a tremendous couple in the land of B&B, and they’ve had their fair share of bumps along the road. But could Steffy’s obsession with seeing her parents live out their “happily ever after” create chaos in her own romance?

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8. Summer And Kyle — Y&R

When Kyle and Summer were on the same page about their moms’ rivalry, their relationship was all smooth sailing. But now that Diane’s lies have been exposed, and Kyle seems somewhat accepting of them, Summer might draw a line. Jenkins versus Phyllis could be the thing that breaks this happy couple up, especially if both of their kiddos land on opposite sides of the fence.

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7. Chloe And Stefan — DOOL

There are many DOOL fans who love this super couple. They do look cute together! The problem is, Stefan still has feelings for Gabi, and Chloe wouldn’t be entertaining the thought of being with DiMera had Kristen not blackmailed Brady into reuniting. There’s no getting around it: this relationship has been doomed from the get-go!

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6. Sam And Dante — GH

Sam and Dante make a pretty interesting couple, but if Lulu came out of her coma in 2023, or Jason Morgan came back to life, how long would they survive? Anything can happen in the land of Port Charles, and there’s a very good chance that an ex-lover will return to place a damper on this romance next year.

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5. Allie And Chanel — DOOL

With Chanel locked up in jail, how long can this new DOOL super couple last? Even prior to Dupree’s secret being uncovered, she was already showing a little jealousy where her ex-hubby, Johnny, was concerned. These ladies do have chemistry, but to last the long haul in Salem, couples need more than just “sparks”.

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4. Hope And Liam — B&B

Hope and Liam have been struggling over Thomas’ presence in their lives, and it certainly can’t keep up this way. But Douglas’ dad isn’t the only problem. If Liam’s dad hooks up with Hope’s mom, their parents’ drama could trickle down into their own relationship — especially if Bill does Brooke wrong, or vice versa. As far as “Lope’s” future is concerned, this could be a recipe for disaster.

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3. Molly And TJ — GH

Molly and TJ make a cute couple, but how long can this teenage romance last? Do either of them wonder if the “grass is greener on the other side”? Given the bond that has formed between Mr. Ashford and Willow recently, could something more develop once she gets better? Definitely!

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2. Donna And Eric — B&B

Once a cheater, always a cheater! While Donna helped Eric get his “mojo” back, this isn’t the first time these two have tried their luck at a romance — and there’s a good chance Forrester’s eyes could wander. Besides, even though they seem to be on a great reunion ride, if Donna continues to dig into Thomas and Douglas’ voice app drama, this could this rub Eric the wrong way.

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1. Nikki And Victor — Y&R

Nikki and Victor have a long history of making up and breaking up. It’s a cycle with them. They’ve been on the same page for quite a while now, but it wouldn’t be overly stunning if a squabble in 2023 caused them to break up. Perhaps it will be about Newman Enterprises, one of their kids, or the Moustache’s control issues. Either way, there’s a good chance these two will head to Splitsville… in any given year!

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