Rare Pictures of Queen Elizabeth You Haven’t Seen

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Queen Elizabeth led an interesting life and so much of it was captured in photographs. She sadly passed on September 8, 2022 at the age of 96. She was the UK’s longest-serving monarch after reigning for 70 years. While many may be familiar with what the Queen looked like in her later years, many of us don’t know what Elizabeth looked like when she was younger. Check out these 12 rare photos of Queen Elizabeth that most people have never seen:

11. Meeting U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower – 1957

Queen Elizabeth went on her first state visit to America in 1957 and President Dwight Eisenhower was her host. He was the first serving president that she met during her reign, but they had already been acquainted when she was a princess. The two had a rather warm relationship. In 1959, she invited him to Balmoral Castle.

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10. Her 14th Birthday – 1940

This picture is from her 14th birthday when she was still a princess. She and her family were spending time at Windsor Great Park, the royal family’s traditional private hunting estate. She spent the day horseback riding and picking daffodils.

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9. At Buckingham Palace – 1956

Here is the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace in 1956. This same year, Elizabeth sent Philip on a voyage around the commonwealth on the royal yacht Britannia. There were rumors that he was being unfaithful to her, so she was advised to send him away on a long overseas tour to keep him out of trouble.

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8. At the Royal Tournament – 1930

Four-year-old Elizabeth attended the Royal Tournament at Olympic, London, in 1930 with her grandmother, Queen Mary. She looks really serious in this photo, but still really cute, especially with that little jacket/dress combo.

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7. Her Coronation – 1953

Queen Elizabeth’s coronation took place on June 2, 1953, at Westminster Abbey and was the first to ever be televised. Two hundred and seventy-seven million people tuned in from around the world. In this picture, Queen Elizabeth is riding along in the coronation coach.

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6. Her Wedding Day – 1947

Princess Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten on November 20, 1947, at Westminster Abbey. The ceremony was broadcast on BBC to 200 million people around the world. Here she is in her duchesse satin bridal gown and tiara.

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5. When She Was a Mechanic

During World War II, Elizabeth registered with the Labour Exchange and trained as a driver and mechanic. In this picture, she is receiving vehicle maintenance instruction on an Austin 10 Light Utility Vehicle. During the war, she also learned how to change a wheel, deconstruct and rebuild engines, and drive ambulances and other vehicles.

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4. Christmas Broadcast – 1953

In 1953, Queen Elizabeth recorded her Christmas broadcast for the radio in Auckland, New Zealand, at Government House. At the time, she and Prince Philip were at the start of a six-month tour of the Commonwealth on the royal yacht Britannia.

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3. A Coronation Portrait – 1953

Elizabeth was just 25 when she ascended the throne following her father George VI’s death in 1952 and her coronation took place in 1953 after 14 months of planning. This is one of her coronation portraits. She was just 27 years old.

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2. On Her Tenth Birthday – 1936

This picture is from Queen Elizabeth’s tenth birthday when she wasn’t yet a princess. Her uncle, King Edward VIII, was still on the throne. It was at the end of 1936 that Elizabeth’s father, the Duke of York, ascended the throne, becoming King George VI.

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1. State Dinner at Government House in Ottawa – 1967

In 1967, Queen Elizabeth attended a state dinner at Government House in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. Her husband, Prince Philip, was with her. It must have been a pretty glamorous event, considering the crown and all of the jewels she was wearing!

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