Ranked: Greatest Soap Opera Couples Of 2022

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As the year winds down, now’s the time to reflect upon the greatest and least-liked aspects of daytime drama over the past 12 months. Love makes the world go round in the land of soaps. As such, there were some incredible romances that blossomed (and continued to flourish) this year, despite countless obstacles. Today, we rank the greatest soap opera couples of 2022.

14. Nick And Sally — Y&R

Technically, these two don’t want to place any labels on their romance, so technically, they aren’t exactly a super couple. However, they make it on this list because of the pure chemistry and sparks between them. If they carry this relationship into 2023, they’ll have a ton of obstacles in front of them; a big one is named Adam, but there will be others who do not approve — looking at you, Summer, Kyle, Victor and Phyllis!

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13. Steve And Kayla — DOOL

From a newly formed couple to a relationship that is timeless, DOOL’s Steve and Kayla continue to prove that cheesy romances made in the ‘80s can last the long haul. In 2022, they battled Orpheus, escaped from DiMera’s island together after being held captive by Kristen, and dealt with the trials and tribulations of parenting adult children. Yet, despite all of this, “Patch” and his “Sweetness” are still in love, not to mention one of the cutest couples on daytime drama today.

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12. Michael And Willow — GH

The two are holding their own respective secrets right now, but the love between them remains strong. Sure, he’s hired a henchman to bring his mob boss father down, and she’s not partaking in cancer treatment to ensure the baby she’s carrying remains healthy. But even when these secrets are exposed, they likely won’t tear this couple apart.

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11. Eric And Donna — B&B

Eric struggled with his mojo in 2022 and had literally given up on love, marriage, and doing the deed. That is, until Donna strolled along and reminded him just what a beast in the bedroom he could be. While it’s sad that he didn’t trust Quinn and fell out of love with her, the good news is that he and Donna make a fun couple, even if some within the L.A. fashion industry don’t approve.

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10. Mariah And Tessa — Y&R

This year has been a major one for Tessa and Mariah. They dealt with the ups and downs of the surrogacy aftermath, tied the knot, and while they are stumbling a tad when it comes to expanding their own family, most fans suspect that the couple will have reason to celebrate in 2023.

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9. Eli And Lani — DOOL

Eli and Lani were a very popular super couple in 2022. Their chemistry, communication style, and the little family they created were incredible to watch. The couple’s exit from Salem was therefore devastating, as Lani headed to prison for what she did to her bio dad, but at least the two left the little town as a united front. Who would love to see them come back?

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8. Chase And Brook Lynn — GH

Some GH fans thought these two would NEVER take the plunge, but by the time the fall months arrived, fans of this super couple were celebrating. Both are gorgeous, smart, funny, charming, and quick with those one-liners. Sparks fly between them when they are simply staring at each other. Plus, it’s nice to see that Chase has finally moved on from Willow.

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7. Victor And Nikki — Y&R

A seasoned super couple, Nikki and Victor have finally hit a nice groove in their relationship. They seem to have sailed far away from their on-again/off-again ways, and it’s easy to see how they’ve improved over the years. They communicate well, keep each other in the loop, support each other, value their love towards one another (especially the Moustache), and place a great deal of focus on keeping the romance alive in their relationship.

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6. Liam And Hope — B&B

After everything this couple has already been through, it felt appropriate to worry when Hope’s bio dad, Deacon, threatened to come between this couple. The good news is that he did not, and “Lope” stood strong. However, could things change in 2023, especially where Douglas and Thomas are concerned? Only time will tell!

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5. Chad And Abby — DOOL

Chad and Abigail were on a good path to a fun and eventful 2022, with pending baby plans and the wickedness of Gwen, Kristen and Ava behind them. Sadly, Abigail wound up passing away, and Chad’s been an emotional wreck ever since! Even so, their love and chemistry warrants a spot among the greatest super couples on soaps this year.

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4. Valentin And Anna — GH

This romance has been decades in the making, and for the most part, fans of “Vanna” have been in pure bliss since this couple finally made the transition from the “friend zone” into the “love zone”. There are still many battles ahead for this super spy couple – including Victor’s evil plan and Robert’s judgement, among others — but the fact that viewers got love scenes from these two in 2022 is a major win!

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3. Kyle And Summer — Y&R

How cute is it that these two went from little friends to husband and wife? There is a lot of history between “Skyle”, but it seems as if the twosome finally has their act together. They’re incredible parents to little Harrison, excellent co-workers at Marchetti, and share an amazing romance. They even manage to keep things hot in the bedroom. Plus, viewers finally got the “Skyle” wedding they deserved in 2022!

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2. Finn And Steffy — B&B

Who can forget last year, when Sheila blew in like a hurricane, heck-bend on destroying Steffy and the beautiful romance she built with Finn? Even though she’s still fighting to place a wedge between them, Ms. Carter has failed miserably. So much happened to this couple in 2022 — from having temporary amnesia to being abducted — but they came out of it, closer than ever. Even Finn’s “passing” couldn’t keep these love birds apart!

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1. Ben And Ciara — DOOL

Speaking of devilish ways, even Satan himself couldn’t come between Ciara, Ben, and their little family. Although they left Salem in the summer, fans got to enjoy so many ups and downs with “Cin” in 2022. From the Devil drama to the pair becoming parents, fans got to see Ciara and Ben grow into their “super couple” status before watching them sail away to their happily ever after. What a way to go out!

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