Cast Of Reba: How Much Are They Worth Now?

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Reba McEntire is a phenomenal talent, aside from being a country music icon she is also a sweet and very funny person, so it isn’t surprising she was given her own TV sitcom, Reba, back in 2001. Reba ran from 2001-2007 and featured Reba McEntire as Reba Hart, a single mother with three children whose dentist ex-husband left her to marry his dental hygienist. It may have only lasted six seasons, but it continually topped viewer ratings for the networks and set a new all-time viewership record for any program on the WB’s Friday night lineup. Between dealing with her ex, his new wife, and her three children, including her pregnant cheerleader daughter and her football player boyfriend, Reba was hilarious and loved by fans. Check out how much the cast is worth now!

7. Mitch Holleman

Estimated Net Worth: $500 Thousand.

Mitch Holleman starred on Reba through all six seasons as Reba’s youngest son Jake Hart. Holleman began his acting career at a young age with a recurring role in the series Daddio, and appeared in Bubble Boy as a young Jimmy. Since Reba, he has had only 4 roles, all of which were minor and his lack of work has given Holleman an estimated net worth of only $500 thousand.

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6. Christopher Rich

Estimated Net Worth: $1.5 Million.

Actor Christopher Rich appeared in 122 episodes of Reba over the six seasons as Brock Hart, Reba’s cheating ex-husband and the father of their three children. Rich got his start on the soap opera Another World, and went on to appear in several other television shows including The Charmings, The George Carlin Show, and Murphy Brown. Following his time on Reba, he had recurring roles in Boston Legal and Melissa & Joey, all adding up to an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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5. Scarlett Pomer

Estimated Net Worth: $2 Million.

Scarlett Pomers starred as Reba’s middle child Kyra Hart for the duration of the series. She started her career in commercials and in 1995 made her big-screen debut in The Baby-Sitters Club. She had small roles in shows and movies such as Mighty Joe, Judging Amy, and Erin Brockovich before landing a recurring role on Star Trek: Voyager. Her last credited acting role was in Reba, and she went on to found the band SCARLETT. Although her career has seemingly faltered since the mid-2000s, Pomers still has a net worth of $2 million.

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4. Melissa Peterman

Estimated Net Worth: $8 Million.

Melissa Peterman began her career in comedy and made her film debut with a small role in the 1996 film Fargo. She was then featured in a few TV series before landing the role as Barbra Jean Booker Hart, the dental hygienist and new wife to Brock Hart that Reba has to continuously contend with. She has gone to appear in several other series and starred on the ABC comedy Baby Daddy and also hosted ABC’s Bet on Your Baby and ABC Family’s Dancing Fools. Peterman’s comedic talent and numerous roles have racked up an estimated net worth of $8 million.

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3. Steve Howey

Estimated Net Worth: $2 Million.

In many instances throughout Reba, Steve Howey as Van Montgomery definitely stole the show with his perfect portrayal of the stereotypical brainless jock. His naivety and innocence made for some really hilarious interactions and moments, and helped boost Howey’s career. Aside from small roles on multiple TV shows, Howey has also appeared in Supercross, Bride Wars, Still Waiting… and Something Borrowed. Most recently he landed a roll on the hit series Sons of Anarchy and a recurring role in Shameless. All together Howey has made an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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2. JoAnna Garcia-Swisher

Estimated Net Worth: $8 Million.

JoAnna Garcia has been acting since the early ’90s when she got her start on the TV series Superboy. She went on to star in Are You Afraid of the Dark? and appear in series such as Party of Five, Dawson’s Creek, Freeks and Geeks and movies such as American Pie 2 and Not Another Teen Movie. She starred in Reba as Reba’s eldest daughter Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery and went on to have several roles in Privileged, Gossip Girl, Royal Pains, Once Upon a Time, The Astronaut Wives Club and Sweet Magnolias. In 2010, she married MLB player Nick Swisher and now has a net worth of $8 million.

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1. Reba McEntire

Estimated Net Worth: $95 Million.

Reba McEntire of course is not best known for her acting, as she has had a legendary career as a country music singer. She has released 26 studio albums which have produced 40 number one singles and 14 number one albums, so it isn’t surprising that along with her other ventures she is worth an incredible $95 million. Reba’s first role was in Tremors in 1990 and she went on to appear in many other shows and movies, and of course earned accolades for Reba which earned her a Golden Globe nomination in 2004.

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