8 Worst Dancing with the Stars Pros

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Dancing with the Stars has seen its fair share of pros come and go over the years, and some have developed some seriously bad reputations while others only wish they had a reputation to live up to. This list takes a look at the worst memorable and not-so-memorable pros that have graced the DWTS stage!

8. Fabian Sanchez

If you’re like the rest of us, you can’t even remember who this person is. Fabian Sanchez only appeared on season 6 of the series and partnered with Oscar Award winning actress Marlee Matlin. He worked as the choreographer for the Salsa and Mambo on season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance before trickling off into absolute obscurity. He apparently now lives in Birmingham, Alabama and runs a dance studio with his wife.

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7. Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan Roberts appeared in seasons 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9, but that didn’t earn him any Mirror Balls! Out of the seven seasons he was in, he earned 1 third place and 1 fourth, but that’s the closest he ever got. In season 6, Roberts partnered with Monica Seles and the pair received a ghastly score of 15 for the Foxtrot and 15 for the Mambo. Needless to say, they were quickly eliminated.


6. Ashly Delgrosso

Ashly Delgrosso is not of epic DWTS fame! There isn’t too much that’s memorable about her, but in case you’re trying to jog your memory, in season 2, Delgrosso and partner Master P received a score of 8, the lowest score in the history of the show. Now there’s something to be remembered by. And if that didn’t scream “professional” loud enough, she also wound up marrying one of the show’s field producers.

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5. Andrea Hale

Dance pro Andrea Hale was less than successful on the series. She appeared on the show back in 2006 and partnered with ESPN sports broadcaster Kenny Mayne. Unfortunately for the pair, a horrific cha-cha got them eliminated from the competition in the first round. But that wasn’t the end for Mr. Mayne! Kenny returned in subsequent seasons to host DanceCenter, a parody of SportsCenter. It’s pretty sad when the contestant appears in more seasons than the pro.

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4. Maksim Chmerkovskiy

What can we say about Maksim Chmerkovskiy? The man has had countless feuds with his fellow pros, countless relationships with his fellow pros, and was even romantically linked to contestants from the series. In one of his most notorious outbursts, Maks lashed out at Lenn Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Bruno Tonioli after what he construed as personal critiques of his routine with Hope Solo. He stated that DWTS was “his show” and that he was the reason for its success. In another incident, he even lashed out at former pro/former girlfriend/judge Julianna Hough for being immature and rude.

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3. Tony Dovolani

Tony Dovolani has been known to lose his cool once in a while and, back in season 10 while rehearsing with Kate Gosselin, the world got a taste of just how angry he can get! While growing increasing frustrated in rehearsal for a jive, Kate told the camera that Tony had accused her of undermining his teaching methods. Kate insisted that wasn’t what she was trying to do and that Tony just didn’t understand the way she learned. And that’s when the fireworks exploded. Tony pointed to all of his accomplishments as proof of his teaching abilities and Kate was trying to explain her perspective. The quarrel ended with Kate trying to leave the situation and Tony stating that he “quit”! And while Tony eventually apologized, the damage was done and the pair got the boot in week 5.

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2. Derek Hough

To say that Derek Hough has a bit of an ego may be putting it lightly. And we suppose he has earned it somewhat, but still, it’s never nice to see our favorite competitors bask in their own glory. In an ongoing feud with fellow pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Hough felt the need to respond in kind to Maks’s comment that DWTS was ‘his show.’ “I had to laugh about that [comment]. I was looking at the plaque upstairs and…well, never mind.” The “plaque” he was referring to includes a list of past champs and Maks’ name was absent. His name, however, was plastered all over the thing! Derek’s ego also got in the way while he was partnered with Jennifer Grey. He grew increasingly frustrated and when Jennifer tried to point out that anger was not helping the situation, he insisted that it was important he not push it down. Jennifer rightly told him to control his temper, and it was a good thing too! The pair took home the season 11 Mirror Ball.


1. Dmitry Chaplin

Dmitry Chaplin is no stranger to the world of reality dance shows. He got his start on So You Think You Can Dance where he earned a reputation for going shirtless, before turning toward the DWTS stage to compete for 3 seasons. Unfortunately for Dmitry, he never earned himself a Mirror Ball, and placing 4th back in season 12, has led him to slip from our memories. Another one bites the dust!

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