Woman With Leukemia Humiliated While Taking Last Vacation

A 34 year old from Roseville, Michigan was diagnosed with leukemia and given about 4 months to live. She decided to take what might be her last trip. She was on her way to Hawaii. According to the woman the TSA Agents at the airport humiliated her. She was forced to remove bandages holding her feeding tubes so a screener could search for weapons. Her request for a private pat down was denied. They continued to search her and ask her to pull up her shirt while everyone stared at her.

This was particularly upsetting because Michelle Dunaj had called Alaska Airlines in advance to make sure a wheelchair was available and everything was in order concerning her medications and supplies that she needed to take with her. She thought she had prepared for a fairly smooth trip.

The TSA reports that standard procedures were followed, but she should have been treated with more dignity than that. Her request for a private pat down should not have been denied.

The TSA also denied that one of her saline bags she had to carry was opened to search in. It became unusable to her because of the risk for contamination. This should have been avoided with the precautions Dunaj had taken with the airline to ensure everything would be handled appropriately.

Hopefully once she finally made it past the TSA agents her trip to Hawaii was an enjoyable one. This type of treatment shouldn’t occur especially when passengers have done their work to ensure their needs will be accommodated.

Source: digitaljournal.com


Jim Greene

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