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Video: AHA says Yo-Yo Dieting Dangerous Even if you’re not Overweight

Yo-yo dieting, or the “weight cycling” that occurs when an individual repeatedly lose and regains weight has long been criticized by the medical community. However, a very recent study, conducted by researchers at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, and presented at the 2016 American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions found that for women, it can greatly raise the risk of heart disease-related death.

Researchers collected self-reported weight histories of 158,063 postmenopausal women at a “normal weight”, and checked back in almost 12-years later to discover that those prone to yo-yo dieting (or losing and regaining weight over and over) suffered significant risk of sudden cardiac death and coronary heart disease death. In the following video clip, Suzanne Steinbaum, American Heart Association spokesperson, and Director at the Lenox Hospital’s Women and Heart Disease Heart and Vascular Institute, in New York, explains the health hazards associated with weight cycling behavior…

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