UK Votes in Favor of Three-Person Conception

Earlier this week, MPs in the UK said “yes” to the creation of babies with DNA from one man and 2 women, making the UK a pioneering country in 3-person conception.

The results of the vote were 382 MPs in favor vs. 128 MPs against the controversial method, which was developed in New Castle, England and aims to prevent the transfer of genetic diseases and conditions (i.e., mitochondrial disease, heart failure, brain damage, and blindness) from mother to child.

This 3-person conception technique employs a modified form of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and combines the DNA of 2 healthy parents with the healthy mitochondria of a female donor. The donor woman would only give 0.1-percent of their DNA to the baby, but this permanent genetic change would impact the health of future generations.

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron assures, “[No one is] playing god here…we’re just ensuring that two parents can have a healthy baby.”

While advocates tout this as a “good news for progressive medicine,” those who oppose the move vouch a continued fight to stop a technique they claim “raises too many ethical and safety concerns”.

In order for this form of 3-person conception to pass, a vote will need to pass in the House of Lords.



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