Study Links Smart Phone Storage & Breast Cancer

Breast surgeons have revealed a disturbing trend, they’ve linked breast cancer development to young women who tuck their cell phones inside their bras.

Breast surgeons Dr. John West and Dr. Lisa Bailey, claim that the link is real and women should be careful of placing cell phones against their skin for long periods of time. The doctors also point to an increase in male breast cancer from men who keep cell phones in their shirt pockets.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies cell phones as potentially carcinogenic—which means cell phones might cause cancer, but there is still more concrete evidence required to prove a link exists.

“There could be some risk, and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer risk,” states Dr. Samet, Chair of Preventative Medicine at the University of Southern California and Chair of the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in her article WHO Classification Sparks Debate Over Cell Phone Safety.

Even though wireless companies deny a link between mobile phones and cancer development—they point to the fact that keeping cell phones in pants’ pockets has not caused an increase in hip bone or genital cancers—this study suggests that breast tissue may be more prone the carcinogenic properties of cell phones compared to other body tissues.


Source: Yahoo News


Emily Lockhart

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