Post Olympic Health Boom Injures Thousands: Costs 2.1 Billion Pounds In Damages

After the 2012 London Olympics, millions of Britons felt the fitness fever and began working out. To save costs, many of these spirited people tried to exercise at home. The resulting damage to home, property, and body resulted in over 2.1 billion pounds in insurance claims. At home exercise routines include home equipment, the Wii Fit, yoga, and television aerobics. The resulting injuries were caused by sliding on the floor, falling into furniture, and pets getting under foot

A study found that for Britons, 62% have exercised in their own houses, and a quarter of those have caused damage to their property. 20% of those who had damaged their property caused over 200 pounds of damage. Furthermore one fifth of those who exercised at home caused serious injury with breaking bones or pulling muscles.

A representative from Esure, Nikki Sellers, warns that working out at home could be bad for your health. “After an unforgettable summer of sport, it’s great to see the nation becoming more active.”

The key to working out at home is safety. Create a designated space by pushing back furniture and rolling up any small carpets. If you have pets or small children, keep them away from your space for both their and your protection. If you’re just starting to work out after years of sedentary lifestyle, be careful. Start with easy programs that will build your core and balance.

Source: Daily Mail


Catherine Roberts

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