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Meet the Bacteria That Live on Your Phone

In a disgusting display of art imitating life, students from the University of Surrey’s microbiology department, curated some pretty serious strains of bacteria from smart phones and turned it into art.

The UK students collected an assortment of bacteria—from human personal and physical interaction, soil, germs, etc.—in petri-dishes, let it sit and grow for three days, and then took photographs and mounted them on large artistic canvases for public display.

“[Our] mobile phone doesn’t just remember telephone numbers; it also harbors a history of our personal and physical contacts,” says Simon Park, a student and bacterial art creator.

Park points out that although the majority of the bacteria was quite harmless, more serious strains of bacteria were found on phones—including  Staphylococcus aureus, boils, food poisoning, and sinusitis.

And what’s worse is that popular touch screen phones were the absolute worst bacterial sources, almost just as bad as computer keyboards, which, to really put things in perspective, harbor about 18 times more bacteria than a toilet handle in a public men’s restroom.

To ward off nasty smart phone bacteria, health professionals recommend using anti-bacterial wipes to keep your phone from making you sick.

Source: Fox News


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