Mark Wahlberg Will Answer Fan Questions On Live Webcast: Focus On His New Line Of Nutrition GNC Products

Actor Mark Wahlberg will be hosting an online question/answer period on Thursday. The Ted star is known for his amazing fitness. He recently started his own line of sport performance nutrition supplements, developed by GNC.

His new health line was developed by Mark through personal testing many hours in a research labratory. Science was a key role in the formula of the supplements. His acting roles had him lose weight and immediately after have to gain 40 pounds of muscle. That required serious dedication and possibly health consequences. Mark used his newly developed products and gave them rigorous testing. The products are available at Mark Wahlberg says that his products are “game-changing… will give you the boost you need to get into the best shape possible.”

The live webcast will air on September 20th at 5 pm EST. Together with Men’s Fitness Editor-in-chief Michael De Medeiros, Mark will answer all your questions about his health, acting, fitness, and his new products.

Source: CBS News


Catherine Roberts

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