Listeria Food Poisoning: Who’s High Risk?

Just this week, a potentially dangerous listeria contamination triggered the recall of approximately 30,000 cases of fresh produce (i.e., including freshly diced onions, stir fry veggies, grilling veggies, stuffed mushrooms, and diced peppers), across 9 U.S. states. This recall, reported here by, effected Publix, Fresh Point, Walmart, Bi-Lo, QuickTrip, Winn Dixie, Spinx Co., and Harris Teeter retail stores throughout the states of Virginia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

Although no illnesses have yet been linked back to this listeria contamination, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns that consuming foods contaminated with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes can result in serious and even fatal infection in those with compromised immunity, the elderly, children, and pregnant women. Keep in mind, that even though Listeria food poisoning is most common in foods like deli meats, smoked seafoods, raw sprouts, processed hot dogs, unpasteurized milk, and certain soft cheeses it can contaminate other fresh and packaged foods as well, leaving these specific groups at highest risk…

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