King Of Spain Undergoes Hip Replacement: Caused By Osteoarthritis

The king of Spain, Juan Carolos I, recently underwent a hip replacement operation. Javier de Joz, the director of the Madrid medical center, has released an update on the King’s condition. The statement said, “The recovery is progressing satisfactorily and, currently, he is getting up and moving naturally, with the help of two crutches.” The statement further states that there has been a confirmed improvement in King Juan Carolos I health.

The King had surgery after osteoarthritis deteriorated his left hip joint. The lead orthopedist who is treating the King, Angel Villamor, replaced his failing hip with an artificial implant. The report was signed by Villamor along with the chief of the Royal Palace’s Medical Service, Miguel Fernandez-Tapia Ruano.

Osteoarthritis is commonly known as age related arthritis or degenerative joint disease. It is mostly commonly caused through the aging process, but can be exacerbated by excess weight and injury.

This marks the third operation that King Juan Carlos I has had on his hip in relation to osteoarthritis. It is his sixth operation in two and a half years.

Source: Fox News, Web MD


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