Infographic: A Global View of Vision & Blindness

October 13, 2016 is World Sight Day (#WSD2016), a day to shed awareness on something that many of us take for granted: our eye health and our vision.

The following infographic series was developed collaboratively by Cinga Health and International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) to raise global awareness around the major public health issues of blindness and vision impairment. According to IAPB research, roughly 285 million people live with low vision and blindness globally (246 million with moderate or severe visual impairment and 39 million who are blind). In 80-precent of cases, visual impairment is either preventable or treatable (i.e., due to infections, age-related degeneration, lifestyle habits). Take a look to discover the main causes and means to prevention visual loss and blindness…



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