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New Product Drops Blood Sugar By 107 Points For Diabetics

What we’re about to reveal to you is undaunted. But if this natural diabetes cure did half of what it claims, it would still be better than all the diabetes drugs on the market today. If you or someone you know suffers from Diabetes it’s important to read on.

This groundbreaking formula is twice as effective as other top-selling diabetes drugs at lowering blood glucose in every measure. Plus it works much, much faster – we’re talking days, not months.

Now, you may be thinking you’ve heard this all before. But let us show you the scientific proof that convinced us that this blood sugar miracle is the real deal.

One small company gambles to find a diabetes remedy

Syntratech (makers of ) knew they had developed a true diabetes remedy, and success stories were pouring in from grateful customers as soon as their formula hit the market. But that wasn’t enough. Syntratech wanted to know exactly what their formula, , could do so they commissioned a study to see how it fared.

The initial results were very positive – so positive, in fact, that Syntratech decided to take a major gamble by investing everything into a clinical trial, putting their business on the line.

The results weren’t just positive. They we’re groundbreaking.

  • Blood sugar plummeted an unheard of average 107 points
  • Two-hour glucose levels decreased 54.55%
  • HbA1c dropped from an average of 7.7% to 4.7%, a remarkable 3 point drop
  • LDL cholesterol decreased by more than 34%
  • Total cholesterol dropped over 29%
  • Triglycerides fell by 20%
  • Systolic blood pressure decreased by 28.4%, along with a 4.9% drop in diastolic.
  • Average weight loss was 9.3 pounds – with NO changes in eating or exercise

These results are after 90-days, in patients with chronic uncontrolled blood glucose and fasting blood glucose counts between 160mg/dL and 225 mg/dL (a danger zone). Big Pharma executives must be praying that more people don’t learn about .

When Syntratech reported these surprisingly strong results, they kept one of the ’s effects under tight wraps, out of the report. The outcome was so good; they thought no one would believe it! But we know this information was too important to keep quiet and they agreed to let us share it with you.

During the clinical trial, they ran what’s called a glucose challenge test. Basically, they loaded the subjects with 75 grams of glucose (that’s about 6 tablespoons) to see the response.  Of course with this much in your system your blood sugar spikes up and takes a long time to level out. But not with . Almost every subject had normalized blood sugar within 30-minutes of the glucose load. That’s unheard of.

Top-selling drug companies don’t even come close

If you’ve got diabetes, you know it’s all about the numbers and aiming for the normal zone.

  • Blood glucose under 100 mg/dL
  • 2-hour glucose level under 140 mg/dL
  • HbA1c level under 7%

It’s hard to achieve (if ever) any of the above goals with pharmaceuticals…but is a different story all together, getting results that big Pharma companies can only dream about.

  • 100% of Zenacose clinical trial patients saw their HbA1c drop to 5%.
  • Top-selling diabetes drugs only drop blood glucose levels by around 50 points. ZenaCose is twice as effective, lowering fasting glucose by an average 107 points in 90-days.

How ZenaCose is different

Spurred by the incredibly positive results of their gold-standard clinical trial, the Syntratech team commissioned a follow-up study. They wanted to know just how ZenaCose compared to pharmaceuticals. 

Study Length






26 weeks

24 weeks

29 weeks

HbA1c (avg decrease)





Fasting glucose (average decrease)





Weight (avg decrease)

9.3 lbs

None reported

2.9 kg (about 6 lbs)

1.4 lbs

Potential side effects

Lower cholesterol and triglycerides

Bladder cancer, heart failure

Hemorrhagic pancreatitis (sometimes fatal)

Lactic acidosis, vomiting, diarrhea

Not only did prove that it had similar actions as the diabetes drugs, it outperformed them in many crucial bio-marker measurements. Most notable was ZenaCose’s impact on inflammation activity – and that’s important because scientists have closely connected Type 2 diabetes with increased inflammation.

This successful study combined with the amazing results of the human clinical trial prove that Zenacose is a safe and effective diabetes treatment, outperforming best-selling diabetes drugs on the market. And for many people, it already has been. Literally thousands of customers have called and written to share their success stories. And when we talked to some of them, the gratitude in their voices was inspiring.

Editors Note:For a limited time only, Syntratech has agreed to offer ActiveBeat readers a FREE bottle of . This promotion comes with a 100% guarantee to lower blood sugar and help with diabetes.


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